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Suzuki V-Strom - DL650 & DL1000

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Givi luggage for the Suzuki V-Strom

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Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 and DL650 Givi Fitment Kits

Fits Model Topcase Fitment Kit Sidecase Fitment Kit
DL1000 E528 Givi Topcase Rack PL528 Givi Sidecase Rack
DL1000   PLX528 Givi Sidecase Rack
DL650 E528 Givi Topcase Rack PL532 Givi Sidecase Rack
    PLX532 Givi Sidecase Rack

Note: The PLX528 and PLX532 racks will only work with the new V35 sidecases, the PL528, PL532 and E528 will except
all Monokey cases except for the new V35.

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The following Givi Monokey Cases will mount to the V-Strom fitment racks:

Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 and DL650 Givi Monokey Cases

Givi Monokey Hardcases
E55 Givi Monokey Case
E52 Givi Monokey Case
V46 Givi Monokey Case
E460 Givi Monokey Case
E41 Givi Monokey Cases
V35 Givi Monokey Case
E360 Givi Monokey Case
E45 Givi Monokey Case
E36 Givi Monokey Case
E21 Givi Monokey Cases

Windscreens for the V-Strom

Fits Model Givi Windsheilds for Suzuki V-Stroms Dimensions
DL1000 Givi AF260 Adjustable Windscreen 25.6"h x 17.3"w
DL1000 Givi D260ST Windscreen 22.4"h x 18.8"w
DL650 Givi D260St Windscreen 22.4"h x 18.8"w

Givi Engine Guards for the V-Strom

Givi TN528 Engine GuardsGivi TN532 Engine Guards

Fits Model Part Number
DL650 Givi TN532 Engine Guards
DL1000 Givi TN528 Engine Guards

SW Motech Engine Guards - Suzuki V-Strom (DL650 & DL1000)

SW Motech DL1000 Engine GuardsSW Motech DL650 Engine Guards

Constructed of ~7/8" (21.3mm) diameter heavy-duty mild steel, SW-MOTECH crashbars are designed to provide
maximum protection, optical integration, and high-quality fit and finish.

All components are protected against corrosion by sandblasting and powder coating. Two high-strength frame
mounting points. Black.

SW Motech Crash Bars for DL650
SW Motech Crash Bars for DL1000

SW Motech Engine Skidplate Suzuki V-Strom DL650

New design with a 4mm-thick aluminum baseplate and 3mm-thick sideplates for heavy-duty, light-weight protection.
Redesigned rear mounting bracket prevents damage to screw heads when sliding over rocks.

2-tone black and silver finish!

Installation of the SW-MOTECH skidplate requires previous installation of the SW-Motech crashbars, which are sold
separately or purchase of the Givi adapter kit listed below.

The SW-MOTECH skidplate can be used without a centerstand, or with the SW-MOTECH, Suzuki or Hepco-Becker

4mm-thick baseplate and 3mm-thick sideplates overlap at the seams to provide 7mm-thick rails on the outer edges
of the skidplate for added strength and stability.

The skidplate has a pre-drilled hole in the bottom so that the oil drain plug bolt can be accessed without removing the
skidplate. This allows the oil to be changed without removing the skidplate. In order to change the oil filter, the
skidplate's two rear mounting screws must be removed, and the two front mounting screws must be loosened to
allow the skidplate to pivot out forward and allow access to the oil filter.

No other holes are present in the bottom of the skidplate; the cutout that was present in previous versions of the
skidplate has been eliminated.

Only two screws need to be removed from the plate to allow access behind the skidplate to change the oil and filter.

SM-Motech Skidplate Black/Silver - DL650

SW-Motech Skidplate Givi Crashbar adaptor Kit

SW Motech Centerstands for Suzuki V-Strom

DL100 CenterstandDL650 Centerstand

The must-have accessory for sport-touring! Greatly eases basic chain maintenance, tire changes, parking, and bike
cleaning. Super-strong steel construction features typical German design and high engineering standards. Superb
integration with the factory exhaust and sidestand components -- retain all existing features without sacrificing
lean angle or clearances.

All hardware needed to mount the centerstand included. Typically installs using basic hand tools. No welding, cutting,
or drilling of existing frame or body parts required. Tough black powdercoated finish with some gray fittings or
hardware as applicable. A double-retention spring is included as a safety feature to prevent the centerstand from
contacting pavement if one of the two springs should fail during a ride. Designed to work with OEM components -- we
cannot assure fit with aftermarket exhausts or other accessories. Total weight about 7 lbs.

Note:  We do not recommend installing centerstands on bikes with a lowered rear suspension because use on a
lowered bike may result in:
 - ground clearance & cornering clearance problems, and difficulty in lifting the lowered bike onto the centerstand.

SW Motech Centerstand for DL650 V-Strom

SW Motech Centerstand for DL1000 V-Strom

Sargent World Sport Seats for the Suzuki V-Strom

World Sport Seats for '02-'09 Suzuki DL650 and DL1000

Sargent V-Strom RedSargent V-Strom Silver

The new World Sport Performance seat for the DL650 & DL1000 V-Strom features:

  • Super Cell foam suspension with enhanced contouring.

  • Lightweight CarbonTec seat base with a large integrated storage cylinder

  • All mounting hardware is included.

  • Optional passenger backrest custom covered to match your seat available on a custom order basis,
    call for pricing and details.

Seat Heights and Shape:

     DL100 Standard Stock Seat - 33.10"
     Sargent World Sport Seat - 33.00"

     DL650 Standard Stock Seat - 32.30"
     Sargent World Sport Seat - 33.00"

The World Sport Performance Seat for this model offers a 33" ride height, but with a comparable ground reach to the
Suzuki Low Seat which is standard on the DL650.  In addition, the "rise" or transition between the rider and the
passenger area is steeper, allowing for more room for the rider to "scoot back", which in turn allows more leg
extension when needed.  The rider's seating area is also level, allowing full use of the enhanced front section while
riding.  The passenger elevation is approximately the same as stock.  But it has enhanced width and is contoured
for improved lateral support, as well as being adjusted to help keep the passenger from sliding forward.

*Ground Reach is affected not only by the seat height, but also by the seat's width at the nose.  While the
World Sport Seat has approximately the same elevation (or ride height) as Suzuki's Standard seat, it has a
ground reach comparable to Suzuki's optional LOW seat.

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DynoJet Power Commander III USB - '04-'08 DL650 and '02-'08 DL1000

The Dyno Jet Power Commander III USB is now available for the Suzuki DL650 and DL1000 V-Strom.  The Power
Commder III USB is designed to improve performance and throttle response across the RPM range.  The PC III
comes loaded with a map optimized for the stock V-Strom's.  Custom maps for various aftermarket exhaust
can be found and easily downloaded with the included software at .

Description Part Number
Power Commander III - 04-06 DL650 1020-0063
Power Commander III - 07-08 DL650 1020-0527
Power Commander III - 02-08 DL1000 1020-0065

DynoJet Power Commander V - '09 DL650 and '09 DL1000

Power Commander V

The New Power Commander V is loaded with tons of new features. It is compatible with the 2009 V-Strom DL650 and
DL1000. The PC V comes loaded with a map optimized for a stock V-Strom. Custom maps for various aftermarket
exhaust can be easily down loaded with the included software at Below you will find some
Power Commander V features:

-Reduced size from PCIIIusb (less than half of the size of PCIII)
-USB powered from computer (9 volt adapter is no longer needed for programming)
-2 position map switching function built in (map switch not included)
-Gear input(allows for map adjustment based on gear and speed)
-Analog input (allows user to install any 0-5 volt sensor and build an adjustment table based on its input such as boost
or temperature)
-With gear position input connected the PC V is capable of allowing each cylinder to be mapped individually and for
each gear (for example: on a 4 cylinder bike with a six speed transmission there could be up to 24 separate fuel tables).

Description Part Number
Power Commander V - 09 DL650 1020-0850
Power Commander V - 09 DL1000 1020-1156

K&N Air Filter for  Suzuki DL650 & DL1000 V-Strom

K&N Air Filter - VStrom

Description Part Number
K&N OEM Replacement Filter - 04-10 DL650 & 02-09 DL1000 SU-1002

Leo Vince EVO II full exhaust system for 2004-2010 V-Strom DL650

LeoVince Exhaust for DL650 V-Strom

LeoVince SBK Oval Exhaust System

SBK Oval exhaust systems are powerful, durable and most importantly affordable, providing significant weight savings and increased horsepower. They are designed to run with stock jetting or fuel injection settings.

Serious performance boost at an entry level price. All 304 stainless steel internal silencer construction. Available with aluminum canister sleeve. Significant weight savings over stock.  Pipes made of TIG welded 304 stainless steel.
Aluminum canister straps. Aluminum and 304 stainless steel mounting hardware kit included. Produces deeper tunedtone at a reasonable sound level. EVOII silencer insert removable for more aggressive tone. CAD/CAM designed for precise fit. Machine-specific tuned to work with stock fuel settings but it is suggested to use a Power Commander to optimize performance. NOTE: WILL NOT fit bikes with center stand and no spark arrestor available with this model.

Leo Vince Full system with Stainless Header and Aluminum muffler ('04-'10 DL650)

Scorpion Slip-on for '04-'06 Suzuki V-Strom DL650

Scorpion Exhaust - DL650

Product Information

-High-quality and high-performance mufflers with model-specific design; require no remapping or re-jetting.
-Space-technology sound absorption material offers consistent sound; never requires repacking.
-Dyno and track-tested to increase overall performance, especially in mid-range.
-Stainless steel inner components and end caps with mirrored stainless steel, satin titanium, flame titanium or
carbon-fiber outer sleeve.
-Mufflers are slip-on.

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V-Strom Staintune Exhaust Systems

Staintune Exhaust Systems for the Suzuki V-Strom

Since 1980 Staintune of Australia has carved a solid reputation for offering products with a consistent high quality of design, performance and sound both in Australia and over seas.  All Staintune products and hardware are made from 304 grade stainless steel which is not only one of the most durable materials to use, it is also impervious to
all kinds of corrosion.  304 grade stainless steel can be polished to a mirror like finish. Because of the nature of 304 stainless steel, at any stage of the product's life it can be buffed back to a deep, as new glow.  Staintune

Suzuki DL650 Staintune Exhaust Suzuki DL1000 Staintune Exhaust

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Part # Model
909G3 Staintune Exhaust for Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom
910D3 Staintune Exhaust for Suzuki DL650 V-Strom

Increase your V-Strom's braking power!

EBC HH+ Sintered Brake Pads:
02-10 Suzuki DL1000 and DL650

Position Part #
Front FA229HH & FA231HH
Rear FA174HH

Includes 1 set of each part # (enough to replace both front calipers).

Suzuki V-Strom DL650 / DL1000 Motorcycle Tires

Pirelli Scorpion Trail Part Number  
110/80VR-19 871-6023 Click for Details on Pirelli Scorpion Trail Front
150/70VR-17 871-6035 Click for Details on Pirelli Scorpion Trail Rear
Metzeler Tourance Part Number  
110/80VR-19 110-11278 Click for Details on Metzeler Tourance Front
150/70VR-17 110-11279 Click for Details on Metzeler Tourance Rear
Conti Trail Attack Part Number  
110/80R-19 290160 Click for Details on Conti Trail Attack Front
150/70HR-17 290162 Click for Details on Conti Trail Attack Rear
Avon Distanzia Part Number  
110/80HR-19 305392 Click for Details on Avon Distanzia Front
150/70HR-17 305395 Click for Details on Avon Distanzia Rear
Michelin Anakee 2 Part Number  
110/80HR-19 0306-0041 Click for Details on Michelin Anakee 2
150/70HR-17 0317-0032 Click for Details on Michelin Anakee 2